Monday, April 16, 2012

Project Pink Bus-The Beginning.

Project Pink Bus, is something I started a couple years ago, I'll explain it all now, and why I got started on this project, and how it actually ended up being something exciting for me to do! :D

My Grandparents own a couple properties upnorth, in Noelville/St. Charles area---thats near North Bay :D I used to get to sleep in the cottage that had electricity, and running water because I had young kids, it was easier if they werent sleeping, needed to be changed etc at night, which, was a bonus, cause I dont do well roughin' it... Im terrified of mice, and bugs, and I dont go outside to pee, it just aint my thing...

Well, My Grandma died suddently on April 28th, 2009, and when we went upnorth that year, things had changed.. alot. I no longer got to sleep in the cottage, it was taken over, and I was told to sleep in the Bus. it was a dirty, probably mouse infested, and bug infested (certainly mouse poop covered anyways!) dirty old thing. I refused.. absolutely refused, MAYBE I was a bitc..... I mean, difficult to get along with, MAYBE I could/should have been nicer, but, I wasnt.
My parents ended up sleeping in the dirty old bus with my kids, I slept in Damians truck, with the seats down, continually starting the truck to warm it up.. Damian hated me that weekend.. but, he stayed in the truck also. I didnt force him to.

The next day, I was told I canclean/fix up the bus to make it more suitable for us.. So, thats where we're at!

Summer 2010, She got a paint job! :D She looks wonderful! I cleaned alot, bought a portable toilet, ripped up old flooring, and, left for the year, intending to return in 2011 to work on it more.
2011 was a rough year, Damian and I broke up, and, I DO have my licence, but I have a crappy car, didnt want to break down up there, or on my way up there, and I didnt want to be alone with all the kids up in bear land, so, I didnt go other than the regular family Thanksgiving weekend, so, I didnt get any work done.

I am hoping to get some work done on the bus this year, I bought a sewing machine, and once I figure out how to use it, I will be making curtains! LOL


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